Green Tea Shot



  1. A delicious, refreshing, low-ABV mixed shot made of whiskey, a hint of sour, lime, & peach.  
  2. Kamoti: a first-of-its-kind premium bottled shot that’s naturally sweetened and gluten-free.


Kamoti’s story begins in the bars of New Jersey, with founders Dylan and Michael waiting in line for green tea shots…and waiting…and waiting. This happened a lot. Green tea shots are popular and hard to make in large batches. Our founders have a strong passion for Green Tea Shots because of their ability to bring their friends and all types of people together.

We got tired of waiting, so we got to work on Kamoti––a high-quality, low-ABV, preservative-free, gluten-free, ready-to-pour green tea shot. Then we made a vodka-based white tea shot too.

Put it all together with our Komodo Dragon mascot Hoshi, and you’ve got uninterrupted fun, chill vibes, and happy people on both sides of the bar. From now on, when you want green or white tea shots, you only have to say one word: Kamoti.

(Or two words: Kamoti, please. Manners are important.)


Hoshi is our third co-founder, Kamoti’s brand ambassador, and just a really chill dude.

We’re not your typical shot, and he’s not your typical Komodo dragon. In fact, the only part of it he liked was living on a tropical island. That whole ‘apex predator’ thing? Eh—he’s more of a Komo-don’t. So he’s embarked on an international life of leisure instead.

And that’s the spirit behind our spirit.

Most shots are about getting hyped up to do something crazy, to get after it and keep the party going all night. But we know that leads to more pain than pleasure.

That’s why our motto is “All Chill, No Chaser.” The night gets great when you let it come to you. Hoshi figured that out a long time ago, so let’s follow his lead.



Perfect shots make
perfect moments

Ready to
Pour, Shoot,


Ready to
Pour, Shoot,


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