Kamotí Announces Partnership with Barstool Sports

Kamotí Announces Partnership with Barstool Sports

Ready to slam the perfect shot? Kamotí is proudly partnering with Barstool Sports to bring the beach party to you! With our delicious Green Tea & White Tea shots, enjoy all the game day hype without next-morning lag. This is the perfect mashup for all New Jersey sports lovers with a craving for Green Tea & White Tea shots .

What Kamotí Offers

Originating along the Jersey Shore, Kamotí offers the world’s very first pre-bottled Green & White Tea Shots. Produced by New Jersey locals, our ready to pour green & white tea shots taste refreshing and pack the perfect punch—without too much damage the next morning. Just pour, shoot & enjoy!

  • Kamotí Green Tea Shot: An easy blend of green apple, lime & peach flavoring, this tart and delicious whiskey-based shooter is sweet and slammable. Bottled & ready to pour, Kamotí’s Green Tea doesn’t just bring life to the party, it is the life of the party.
  • Kamotí White Tea Shot: A pinch of peach, a dash of coconut & a squeeze of lime, this mouth-watering vodka-based shooter bursts with rich & tangy flavor. Just like its Green Tea sister, Kamotí’s White Tea will keep the party going long after the game’s over.

What Barstool Sports Brings

A favorite online source for sports news & entertainment, Barstool Sports is a major platform with reach and influence among sports fans. With a monthly estimated audience size of +4 million unique users, Barstool serves as a hub for sports-related web traffic, covering a wide range of topics through a variety of mediums (i.e. blogs, videos, podcasts, social media, etc.). By teaming up with Barstool Sports, Kamotí enters a much larger, nationwide community, allowing more people to enjoy our Green & White Tea Shots. 

Where to Find Us

We will be collaborating on this partnership from 7/11/22 – 9/30/22. Catch us on Instagram and Twitter to find out how to get your hands on a bottle of our favorite shot. And listen up for shoutouts on our upcoming podcasts too. When Barstool Sports and Kamotí are on the same team, our shots never miss. 


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