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General FAQs

Kamoti is your shot a good time.

Delicious, low-ABV (20%) and naturally sweetened (never made with high fructose corn syrup) mixed shots for grown ups. It comes in a bottle and everything.

Green Tea is whiskey-based, White Tea is vodka-based. They taste smooth, sweet, slightly tropical and go down easy. Even better chilled.
Sea breezes and the dreams of a dragon.

Nah just kidding. Kamoti is made with a bunch of really good, high-quality ingredients including actual sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. Also it’s gluten-free, if you’re into that.

Green Tea is rooted in our classic whiskey base with a hint of green apple, lime and peach flavors and White Tea is a vodka-based shot drink with touches of peach, coconut and lime. Give us a shot!
Nope! No tea here. They were officially named in the 90s and are just called that because of the color. Not everything in life makes sense. Trust us, we’ve got a Komodo Dragon in a hammock as a mascot.
We start with whiskey for green, and vodka for white. Both taste smooth, sweet and slightly tropical. There’s not actually tea in either of them. Think we covered that already but…just to be clear.
Servings––what is this, Buckingham Palace? Each bottle is 750ml, so it contains approximately seventeen 1.5 oz shots. We get it, converting milliliters to ounces isn’t exactly our forté either.
Our shots are 20% ABV (alcohol by volume), about half of what you’d get from a traditional Green Tea shot. So, if a shot normally makes you feel “drunk,” two of ours could get you there. That being said, we’re all about moderation and keeping things chill. What are you in such a rush for? Relax.

Getting Your Party On

That’s kind of a philosophical question. We like it chilled as a shot or mixed into a tropical cocktail and shared with friends and family. But that’s just, like, our opinion, man.

You can try! Chances are you’ll just wind up with a green tea shot slushy, because the real premium whiskey and vodka in our drinks will never freeze solid. Not that we’ve tried it but…that frozen Kamoti slushy could be delicious for a hot summer day, especially served over more crushed ice. Maybe in a tiki glass?

Can you make cocktails with it? Do Komodo dragons like hammocks? We’re… not sure either, but ours does. Hoshi. Remember him? Anyway yeah you can make some really delicious cocktails. Tropical vibes. Sophisticated palates. We’ve got something for everyone. Check out our favorite recipes here.

Allergen / Allergies FAQs

No, our products are 100% caffeine-free. But we can recommend some great coffee shops.
We might be nuts, but Kamoti contains zero nuts.

Where to Buy

We’re all over Jersey! And rapidly expanding in Michigan, Delaware, Tennessee, Rhode Island and beyond. Check out our store locator to find the one closest to you.

And don’t forget we can also ship directly to your door. It’s your Kamoti, and you need it now.

That’s easy––just scroll back up to the top of this page and click on the Buy Now tab. In fact you could even just click that link and you won’t even need to scroll. The internet, right?! Think this thing’s gonna stick.

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