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Kamoti is your shot at a good time. Ready mixed, low ABV shooters.
Whiskey in our Green Tea and Vodka in our White Tea! Both are so damn smooth – you would never know.
If you want to! But we are a brand dedicated to crafting low ABV drink options (20%) so you can enjoy the celebration all night long.
20%. What does that mean? Alcohol by volume or “ABV” measures how much alcohol is in a drink. The ABV also helps determine how strong a taste your drink may have.
Kamoti products are 40 proof. What does that mean exactly? Alcohol proof is a measure of alcohol percentage used for spirits (aka hard alcohol or hard liquor). Proof is calculated by doubling the percentage of alcohol content by volume found in respective spirits. So in our case, the ABV of 20 = 40 proof.
There are 17 (1.5OZ) shots aka servings in our 750ml bottles.
Nope! It’s just a fancy name. Kamoti is crafted with all-natural flavors and no high fructose corn syrup.

Kamoti beverages are 100% naturally caffeine-free.

Kamoti is 100% nut-free.
Kamoti beverages are made with real liquor, Whiskey in our Green Tea and Vodka in our White Tea, which means it might get a little slushy but won’t freeze solid.

Absolutely! Kamoti can be shot alone or mixed into a delicious cocktail. Check out some of our favorite recipes.

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