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General FAQs

Kamoti is your shot at a good time with ready to pour, low ABV shooters. Our specialty is green tea and white tea shots.
Kamoti green tea shots taste like traditional green and white tea shots, but better. Our sweet, mouthwatering green tea shots consist of a whiskey base mixed with a hint of green apple, lime, & peach flavoring. Our sweet yet tangy white tea shots consist of a vodka base mixed with a touch of peach, a dash of coconut, and a squeeze of lime. Kamoti is gluten free and crafted with no high fructose corn syrup.

Best of all, Kamoti shots are already made and ready to pour, making the good times way more convenient. It’s fun in a bottle!
Nope! It’s just a nickname given at the bar due to the color and resemblance in taste. Actual green tea shots do not have green tea in them.
Green Tea has a whiskey base while white tea has a vodka Base. Both are so damn smooth you would never know.
There are 17 (1.5OZ) shots aka servings in our 750ml bottles.

Our green tea shots are 20% ABV 40 proof, so you can enjoy the celebration all night long. 

“ABV” stands for “Alcohol By Volume,” which measures the amount of alcohol in a drink.  Alcohol proof is a measure of alcohol percentage used for spirits (aka hard alcohol or hard liquor). Proof is calculated by doubling the percentage of alcohol content by volume found in respective spirits. So in Kamoti’s case, the ABV of 20 = 40 proof. 

The alcohol content is lower than a traditional straight shot, which keeps you in the sweet spot longer, guaranteeing more fun and less regrets.

Getting Your Party On

The best way to drink our green tea shots is chilled in a shot glass with friends, family, or even the stranger you accidentally bumped into at the bar together! Kamoti is bottled for your convenience, making it easy to toss in your cooler. Whether brought to a tailgate party or for a round of shots, Kamoti is easy to drink for everyone. 

Because our beverages are made with real liquor, namely whiskey in our green tea, and vodka in our white tea, means it might get a little slushy but won’t freeze solid. 

Absolutely! Kamoti green tea or white tea shots take cocktails to the next level! Check out some of our favorite recipes here

Allergen / Allergies FAQs

No. Our products are 100% caffeine-free.

No. Our products are 100% nut-free.

Where to Buy

Kamoti is sold in 200+ liquor stores and in over 100 bars and restaurants all over New Jersey. 

Check our store locator to see the closest location that carries Kamoti. Also available to ship directly to your door!

Are you drunk already? You can buy Kamoti straight from our website by clicking the “Buy Now” tab! Bring life to the party with our pre-mixed, pre-bottled green tea or white tea shots.

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