You Partied Too Hard––Now What? Welcome to Hoshi’s Hangover Haven

You Partied Too Hard––Now What? Welcome to Hoshi’s Hangover Haven

Damnnn. You said “just one more” a few too many times last night and now you’ve got a brutal hangover. We’ve all been there.

Next time you drink, maybe consider the low-ABV option of Kamoti shots as a way to avoid that morning-after feeling, but for now, let’s just deal with what you can do to start feeling better today.

First up, hydrate. You’ve lost fluids and electrolytes, so it’s time to replenish. Drink lots of water and add in some sports drinks or soups for sodium. It’s tempting to reach for a burger or bacon egg and cheese, but your best bet is to snack on fruits and veggies for vitamins and minerals. Just go slow if you’re feeling nauseous. 

By the way, one thing you definitely don’t want is the hair of the dog (or in our case, the tail of the lizard). Too much alcohol can never be solved by more alcohol.

Next, get moving. We know––your bed has probably never felt so comfortable, but even light to moderate exercise like taking a short walk can get your blood pumping and help you feel better. (This is even easier if you have a dog. Have you got a dog? Maybe it’s time you got a dog.) Just don’t overdo it if you’re dizzy or achy. Listen to your body.

Though a chilly dip might seem uncomfortable at first, taking the plunge in cold water can refresh both your body and mind after a wild night out. The cold shock reduces inflammation, clears away toxins, and resets your komodo brain to feel hydrated and headache-free once more. Even if you just dip your head in an ice water bowl or ice cold shower. This actually works big time!

Feel your appetite coming back? Good, just make sure you fuel up with a mix of protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats. Eggs, avocado toast, oatmeal, or a smoothie are good options. Keep avoiding those greasy foods that can make you feel worse. 

This is actually a great time for supplements too. Vitamin B, magnesium, milk thistle, and prickly pear extract can all help improve hangover symptoms. Just make sure to follow dosage directions.

Some chill time might help too. Meditate, try some deep breathing, take a relaxing bath or shower. Avoid stressful situations, and maybe throw on some sunglasses.

Most importantly, be kind to yourself. Hangovers happen, sometimes despite our best intentions. Rest your mind, feed your body, and take it easy. Tomorrow is a new day to get back to feeling like your best self! In moderation, drinking should be fun, not painful.

Let us know if these tips help you shake off the hangover blues. And next time you’re out, sip Kamoti to keep that celebratory vibe flowing smoothly all night long.

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