What the Heck Is A Kamoti

What the Heck Is A Kamoti

What’s up gang?

It’s your favorite cold-blooded critter again reporting live from the hammock. And yes, in case you’re wondering, I am sipping on a Kamoti. Speaking of which––we’ve been getting a lot of questions about that name, Kamoti, and while I like mystique as much as the next dragon, we figured it’s probably time to shed a little light on the origins.

It actually all started when company founder and CEO Dylan was a kid, or as my kind would call it, a hatchling. Like all young humans, it took him a while to get a grip on the English language, but in the meantime he still had things to say, and boy did he say them.

To hear his family tell the story, it was like living with a little auctioneer––you know those guys who take bids for paintings and antiques and talk a million miles a minute and bang a hammer and it all sounds like gibberish, but at the end everyone somehow knows what he said? Well, it was kind of like that in Dylan’s house too. He wasn’t using real words, but his good ol’ dad listened anyway and always played along as best he could. And at some point, mimicking the crazy sounds he was hearing, he started calling his motormouth boy “Hoshi Komodo”. Or Hosh for short. Sound familiar?

Now, turned out the name Hoshi was already in use, so Dylan saved it for yours truly, but once he got to working on premium flavored shots, it only took a little imagination to mash up the beginning of my species (komodo) with the category of the beverage (green tea shots), and bang! You got Kamoti.

So in a way, we’re almost a family business here, and now you know the name Kamoti isn’t just random, but comes from the rebellious creative roots of my best bro Dylan! Makes sense that someone who speaks their own language would come up with a totally original premium flavored shot. You know what they say: Free spirits make free spirits. (Actually…maybe it’s just me who says that.)

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