What Do We Mean by “All Chill, No Chaser?”

What Do We Mean by “All Chill, No Chaser?”

Be honest: when you’re out on Saturday night and one of your friends suggests a round of shots (or, more realistically, yells the word “SHOTS!” at the top of their lungs then orders a bunch of rotgut before anyone can say anything), how psyched are you about it, really?

Hey, maybe well whiskey or tequila is your thing, and you savor that burn and that face the burn makes you make, and how straight liquor shots turn at least one person in your crew into the Tasmanian Devil, and if that’s the case, no judgment here, but just in case you’re looking for a better way…we think we’ve got one.

Our motto, our north star, our way of nightlife, is “All Chill, No Chaser,” and there’s a lot of meaning in those four little words.

Most obviously, it’s an instruction on how to best enjoy Kamoti, whether as a shot or in a cocktail. Keep it cold in a fridge or a cooler, especially on the warm summer nights we created it for. It probably still tastes great at room temperature, but we don’t see any reason to find that out.

It’s also our suggestion for the spirit in which this spirit should be consumed. Chill shots, and chill vibes. Dig your toes into the sand at the beach. Dance to your favorite tunes. Appreciate where you are and who you’re with. You don’t have to chase these shots, because they taste so good, and you don’t have to chase the night, because when you drink Kamoti the good times come to you.

We’re not saying don’t party, we’re saying losing control means losing memories, so use Kamoti to savor every moment with the people you share your best nights with.

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