Stay Present While You Party: Pro Tips from a Chill Komodo (aka Komo-don’t)

Stay Present While You Party: Pro Tips from a Chill Komodo (aka Komo-don’t)

What’s up, party people––it’s Hoshi, your friendly neighborhood tropical lizard, here with some tips for mindful drinking so you can be the life of the party without losing control.

First things first, stay hydrated. I’m talking a glass of water for every drink you put down (yes, that means even a single shot of Kamoti). I’ve laid out in the sun too long more than a few times and I can tell you: dehydration = no bueno. 

Don’t skip dinner, either. If alcohol is the only thing you’re processing your system can get overloaded, and before you know it the room is spinning. Grab a bite to eat beforehand to line that stomach. Your future self will be very grateful. 

Set some drink limits too. Give yourself a max per hour and total drinks for the night. Tell your pals what those numbers are so they can support you, and have them do the same. Committing mentally and socially helps prevent overdoing it.

While you’re living it up, pay attention to how you feel. Airplanes have cruising altitudes for a reason. Notice when that buzz kicks in and take a round or two off if you feel good but still in control. The best part of partying is when you’re in that sweet spot, and the goal is to stay there as long as possible. Knowing when to step back is next level shit.

And when it comes to shots, it’s all about quality, not quantity. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have a shot that tastes great and goes down smooth instead of one that causes shot face. You know what face I mean. ABV-wise, two Kamoti shots are equal to one regular, so you can pace yourself better.

You party with friends to make memories, and if you follow these steps you’ll actually be able to remember those good times on Sunday morning, and way beyond. Now where’s the post game?

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