Meet Hoshi

Meet Hoshi, the komodo dragon who can be found relaxing on the beach under a palm tree. He founded Kamoti on the beautiful Jersey Shore.

On a bright, summer day in 2019, after Hoshi caught some waves on his surfboard, he stopped by the local beach bar with friends. His drink of choice? A green tea shot. But as always, it took forever for bartenders to make the shots, and the flavor was inconsistent.

So Hoshi got to work, creating the first to market, ready to drink Kamoti Green & White Tea Shots, made with premium ingredients.

From its smooth, consistent flavor to zero prep time, Hoshi knew he created something special. Hoshi took a sip, and loved it! He poured it into a bottle to share with the other surfers, and they loved it too. Everyone wanted to chill with Hoshi.
His favorite activities include surfing, soaking up some sun, and sharing Kamoti green tea shots with all his friends. Like the waves of the ocean, he lets everything roll off his back.

What is Kamoti?

In 2019, we set out to create the world’s first bottled green shot. Kamoti offers a tasty blend of liquor, citrus, and tropical flavors to lift your spirits, bring people together, and create lasting memories. The Perfect Shot, For YOUR Moment! 

Our green tea shots consist of a whiskey base mixed with green apple, lime, & peach, and our white tea shots consist of a vodka base with peach, coconut, & lime. Our products contain zero gluten, caffeine, or high fructose corn syrup. 

Forget about “shots ‘til you drop.” With 20% ABV 40 proof, Kamoti gives the same celebratory vibe without the morning regret. Because our green tea shots contain less alcohol than a traditional shot, you’ll remember every part of the fun!

And the best part? Our shots are premade and ready to drink, so you can bring the good vibes ASAP.

Just Pour, Shoot, and Enjoy!

Thanks to Hoshi, our shots are sold in over 200 liquor stores, plus 100 bars and restaurants all over New Jersey. Use our store locator to see where Kamoti is available near you.

You can also get Kamoti shipped straight to your door by ordering online!


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