My Story: How a Counter-Culture Reptile Became a Spirits Mascot

My Story: How a Counter-Culture Reptile Became a Spirits Mascot

By Hoshi T.M. (the Magic) Komodo

“WTF Look at that lizard chillin in a hammock.”

“What the freak, are we tripinn’?.”

Those were the first words I heard Dylan and Michael say. They were actually the first words I heard anyone say. Before they showed up I’d never seen a human before.

I could tell right away that they were from New York by their accents and attitude.

Anyway, they had a bottle of Kamoti with them, and even though I’d never had any kind of alcohol before either, when I saw that beautiful green bottle I knew I had to try it. It reminded me of myself. I walked over, took the shot glass out of Dylan’s hand, and held it up.

“Hold up,” Dylan said, “you 21 little feller?”

“I have no idea,” I said. “I’m a lizard.”

“Holy shit, he can talk!” said Michael.

“Holy shit,” I said. “I can talk!”

The world works in mysterious ways, and it was obvious that we were meant to meet each other. I always knew I wasn’t like the other komodo dragons, and the moment I tried that sweet Kamoti juice, I finally knew it was true. 

According to my species, I’m supposed to be an apex predator, the kind of animal that would do anything to maintain dominance, even eat my own offspring! But that shit was wack to me.

The Kamoti fellas and I got to talking, and we learned how much we had in common. According to expectations around spirits, their shots should have been harsh-tasting highly alcoholic, and a signal to kick the night into overdrive.  

But just like I’m the anti-Komodo Komodo, they’ve created the anti-shot culture shot. 

Choosing Kamoti means choosing a chill night with some of your favorite people, actually enjoying the taste of your shots, and, most importantly, being able to remember what you did the next day. 

“We’re actually looking for a mascot,” Dylan said. 

Michael added: “If you’re not too busy”

“Me?” I said. “Hell Yea, Let’s do the damn thang.”

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