How You Can Enjoy Kamoti this Summer

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How You Can Enjoy Kamoti this Summer

Summer is almost here and Kamoti is prepared to make sure all your gatherings are memorable
ones. Everyone has their preference when it comes to taking shots, but something that we all
can agree on is that it is impossible to turn town a green or white tea shot.

Kamoti Green and White Tea Shots

Whether you prefer whiskey or vodka, then you are in luck with Kamoti on hand! The perfect combination of ingredients made into one bottle for an easy pour and smooth refreshing shot every time, Kamoti is a no-brainer when it comes to summer parties. No matter where you are hosting this party, whether it is on a boat, in your backyard, or at a venue- Kamoti Green and White Tea shots can be enjoyed with ease. 

Typically green tea shots contain a variety of different ingredients you need, mixing, and following along with a recipe that may not even be right. When you are partying with your friends and family the last thing you want to do is gather all your ingredients to make shots for the entire party. Not only are these shots super easy to make, (all you need to do is twist off a cap and pour) they also taste amazing. Not too strong, not too weak, and the perfect ABV that will leave you wanting more!

How to Enjoy Kamoti 

Anyone who is going out on their boat this summer or getting ready for parties with friends and family knows the struggle of packing drinks up. You need to bring everything you need for the day but in the most convenient way possible. Sometimes when you are enjoying the moment you are looking for something more than just a hard seltzer or beer. This is where Kamoti comes into play, with ready-to-pour shots that are enjoyable for everyone! Not only can it be enjoyed as a quick shot, but is also the perfect ingredient for any of your favorite cocktails such as mojitos, spritzers, and even margaritas. 

With Kamoti, one of the best features it offers, aside from the amazing taste, is its overall convenience of it. Whether you are looking to pre-game with everyone before going out or looking to bring life to the party, grabbing a bottle of Kamoti is an immediate tone-setter for the entire night. 

Where can I enjoy Kamoti this summer?

The answer to this question is simple! Kamoti can be enjoyed anywhere you want this summer, but specifically at summer pool parties, participating bars and restaurants, on your boat, and at beach houses along the shore. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy Kamoti as it is the ultimate experience enhancer. Whether you’re enjoying some of our refreshing cocktails on our website or saying “cheers” for the start of a great season, remember to enjoy the moment! 

We understand that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to drinking and partying, but Kamoti is designed with everyone in mind!  You can enjoy a shot that is just right every time with just one pour. To learn more about where you can purchase Kamoti for your summer parties, click here

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