Benefits of Kamoti

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Benefits of Kamoti

Are you still mixing your own green tea and white tea shots?

Green and white tea shots are one of the most ordered shots at bars and restaurants in NJ. These shots are made of a variety of ingredients, including Jameson, peach schnapps, sweet and sour mix, and Sprite, to make up a refreshing shot that is easy to enjoy. However, these ingredients lead to higher expenses, inconsistent flavor, and a lengthy process of making the shots. With Kamotí, we eliminate all of that with our ready-to-pour shots! If you’re a consumer who loves green tea and white tea shots, a bar/restaurant owner, or even a bartender, here’s why Kamotí should be your go-to:


We all know the frustrations of ordering a drink and every time you order it the flavor is different. Sometimes it’s too strong or sometimes it is too sweet. Kamotí offers green and white tea shots that are consistent with flavor each time you order them. Say goodbye to the stress of wondering if your shot is going to be enjoyable or if you are going to be panicking to find the nearest chaser. Not only is it easy to enjoy while out at your favorite bar and restaurant that serves Kamotí, but it is convenient to enjoy at home! Kamotí can be purchased at some of the most popular liquor stores and online to allow you to bring life to the party wherever you go. 

Bars and Restaurants 

As we all know, green and white tea shots are the ultimate party drink, and have you ever seen someone order just one? We all know everyone orders several at a time to really get the night going. What we don’t think about often is how much money is wasted when making your own shots.

Many bars and restaurant owners think that there is no way you can just pour and enjoy a green tea or white tea shot, but that is where they are wrong. Kamotí eliminates extra costs by eliminating the extra ingredients you need for the perfect shot. We take all the ingredients you need and combine them into one bottle that guarantees a consistent flavor every time and eliminates the increased amount of ingredients you need to purchase to make the shot. 

And what else do we all know? Time equals money. Happy customers spend more money and it has been shown that customers, when given a great experience, spend up to 140% more than those who had a bad or sub-par experience. Keep customers happy by serving them their shots quickly and with an amazing, consistent flavor.


Have you ever wondered how many other drinks can be made while a bartender is mixing, shaking, and pouring green and white tea shots? While making shots, you are throwing away additional revenue that can be made with other drinks that are waiting to be ordered, such as mixed drinks, draft beers, and other desired alcoholic beverages. In addition to that, not only is the business not making as much money as they can, the bartenders are losing out on potential tips and even losing tips based on the length of time shots take to make. 

We recently conducted a survey where we asked consumers, “who would you tip more” based on if they are more likely to tip the bartender making their shots in a longer amount of time or if they are more likely to tip the bartender who gets them their shots faster. In an overwhelming amount, 78% of consumers said they would tip the bartender that made their shots faster. 

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