Armagedd-fun. What it is and How to Avoid it

Armagedd-fun. What it is and How to Avoid it

Picture this: you’re at your favorite bar. No work in the morning and every song that’s coming on is a banger. It’s one of those moments that’s almost perfect, and all it needs is a round of shots so you can commemorate it with your friends. 

It’s your turn to buy, and you know just the order: green tea shots, but when you get to the bar the line is three rows deep, the bartenders are slammed, and because of that and all the ingredients it takes to make a batch of green tea shots you wind up waiting almost half an hour.

By the time you get the round back to your table, the vibe is ruined.. 

Or how about this––you’re planning a party at your house, and when you go shopping for the ingredients for green tea shots the liquor store doesn’t have all of them. And when you finally get them all and mix a big batch at your house you lose count of how many ounces of everything you’re supposed to use, and everyone agrees that the shots don’t taste quite right. Now you’re stuck in the corner alone like Steve Glansberg.

Scared yet?

It’s situations like this that motivated us to create Kamoti, the one word hack to ordering green tea shots, and the one bottle hack to serving them up. 

Our shots are perfectly premixed with premium liquors , freeing up everyone’s time so you can get back to dancing and chatting with your crew. No more wasting precious fun moments waiting at the bar!

On top of all that, you’re not just saving time, but avoiding unhealthy ingredients too. Most green tea shots and sour mix contain artificial flavors and other junk. We cut out all gluten,and  high fructose corn syrup and fake flavors. Kamoti keeps it simple with only real, natural ingredients.

We took years refining the ideal recipe, perfecting a unique citrus and spice blend, and it’s quality you can taste in every smooth Kamoti sip.

So ditch the wait, and ditch the junk. Just say “Kamoti” next time you need green tea shots, and you’ll never keep your good time waiting.

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