5 Ways To Enjoy Kamoti at Parties, Get-Togethers, and More!

5 Ways To Enjoy Kamoti at Parties, Get-Togethers, and More!

Enjoy a unique twist on your next gathering with Kamoti green tea shots! Perfect for celebrations of any size, these delicious shots are sure to bring good vibes. Not only are they great for any get-togethers, but you can also find them at local bars, restaurants, and liquor stores in NJ. Check out 5 creative ways to enjoy green tea shots at your parties and events!

1. Mix your green tea shots with other beverages. 

One of the best ways to enjoy green tea shots (other than just enjoying it from our bottle) is by mixing them with other drinks. This adds a fun twist to your green tea shot experience and lets you try new flavor combinations that you might not have thought of. Try mixing it with your favorite juices or even a little bit of club soda to give your drink that refreshing feel you are looking for. Not sure where to start? Check out this list of the best mixers for your drink! 

2. Use green tea shots as a cocktail mixer. 

If you’re looking to make fancier cocktails at your next party or event, green tea shots are the perfect way to add a dose of excitement to any drink. Try combining green tea shots with vodka or even prosecco for a delicious boozy beverage that will bring everyone together. Check out our full list of cocktails or visit our blog page for exciting recipes to get started!

3. Customize your green tea shots with festive toppings, garnishes, or other flavorings. 

Green tea shots are a great base for all sorts of delicious flavor combinations. However, this can be enhanced with your favorite toppings or garnishes to not only make the shot look good but also tastes good! Feel free to have some fun with it and share with us on social media what you created by tagging @kamotispirits in your post or story.

4. Use green tea shots to create your own green tea Jell-O shots. 

If you’re looking for a way to bring excitement to the party, Kamoti is the perfect way to make homemade green tea Jell-O shots. All you will need is water, jello mix, and Kamoti. Jello shots are a fun and unique way to enjoy shots at your get-together and are a sure way to bring good vibes!

5. Host your own green tea shot-tasting event. 

If you’re looking to get more creative with green tea shots, try hosting a green tea shot-tasting event. Invite some friends over and set up different green tea shot combinations for everyone to try. This is a great way to get creative, discover new green tea shot combinations, and just have a good time enjoying Kamoti green tea shots together! 

If you are looking to make it an even bigger event, consider serving green tea shots alongside other food items that are perfectly paired with Kamoti, such as your favorite dips, wings, and so many more tasty treats. Get creative and start enjoying Kamoti!

If you’re looking for a fun and festive way to enjoy shots, look no further than our green tea shots. This unique drink is perfect for parties and can be made with just one simple pour.  So what are you waiting for? Get started today and let the good times roll by finding Kamoti in a store near you by visiting our store finder!

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