5 Must-Try Green & White Tea Shot Cocktails

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5 Must-Try Green & White Tea Shot Cocktails

We all love to enjoy Kamoti by just pouring it into a shot glass and enjoying it with the people around us, but did you ever think of the other ways you can enjoy our products? Our pre-made green and white tea shots are the perfect ingredients for a refreshing cocktail. Whether you are looking for something that will leave you feeling like you are on a tropical island or something more classy we got you covered.

Green & White Tea Spritzer

This bubbly refreshing cocktail is perfect for any occasion whether you are looking for something to drink with dinner, hanging with friends, or just want something refreshing. The spritzer is a cocktail with a prosecco base to provide those bubbles combined with a little bit of club soda to balance out the alcohol. With that, we pour in your favorite flavor of our pre-made shots with a touch of simple syrup, gin, and fresh lime. The spritzer could be paired with anything you desire, but goes best with an assortment of meats, cheeses, and other tasty finger foods.

White Tea On The Beach

Are you not able to take that well-deserved beach vacation? Well, we got the next best thing with our White Tea On The Beach cocktail! A combination of cranberry juice, orange juice, New Amsterdam Vodka, and a Kamoti white tea shot creates a tropical paradise in a glass. There is nothing quite like a refreshing cocktail on a warm day and our White Tea on The Beach is the perfect one. The perfect way to enjoy this cocktail is by putting your feet up, blasting some good vibe music, and getting your refills ready!

The Green Tea Margarita

Every day is Cinco de Mayo with the Green Tea Margarita! This cocktail is made up of classicmargarita ingredients such as tequila and lime, plus our Kamoti green tea shot. Everybody loves a margarita and is the perfect cocktail for any party setting. The perfect way to enjoy the green margarita is with all of the Mexican classics such as tacos, chips, salsa, and good company.

Green & White Tea Cosmopolitan’s

There is no better way to enjoy your dinner parties than with a cosmopolitan, but take it one step further and really bring the life to the party with a Kamoti cosmopolitan. This cocktail is simple to make and even easier to enjoy, all you will need is some vodka, cranberry juice, fresh lime, and a little simple syrup. With that combine those ingredients with your favorite bottle of Kamoti and get ready to enjoy.

Green Tea Punch

We like to call this one the adult version of punch! As kids, we all enjoyed those sugary juices and punches, and now you can enjoy them as an adult too. This cocktail is made up of Kamoti green tea, vodka, 7Up (no, not the game you used to play in elementary school), and some crushed ice. This cocktail is full of flavor and will always leave you feeling refreshed! No matter which cocktail you choose from or decide to make, always remember to enjoy the moment and drink responsibly! For more information on how to buy our products and the story behind them please visit our website.

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